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by Joseph Stein
Adapted from Carl Reiner's Novel

@ Studio 16 (1551 West 7th Ave)
10 performances

Show Closed

If you have a moment this Spring, it's time for a bit of comedy from Theatre In the Raw. As part of its 25th season of production, Vancouver's Theatre In the Raw is presenting the uproarious play ENTER LAUGHING by Joseph Stein - adapted from Carl Reiner's novel. The show runs for 10 performances at Studio 16 (1551 West 7th Ave) between May 8th and May 19th.

In the mid-1930s in NYC, David Kolowitz is on track to fulfill all of his parent's hopes and dreams by becoming a druggist. David Kolowitz however, has ideas of his own. David Kolowitz wants to be an actor! Loosely based on Carl Reiner's autobiography, ENTER LAUGHING focuses on the first awkward moves a young man makes towards adulthood, women, and the limelight. Come witness the steps and missteps of a young man with a wandering eye who doesn't know a stage cue from a cue stick, yet wants to be a star.

This ensemble cast features Adam Olgui, Jacques Lalonde*, R. David Stephens*, Elliot Wesley, Janis Harper, Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Jennie McCahill, Noella Ansaldi, Ralston Harris, Lisa Robertson, Stanley Fraser, and Gavi Beigel under the direction of Theatre In the Raw's artistic director Jay Hamburger.

Come celebrate a quarter century of theatre production by Theatre In the Raw with Enter Laughing by Joseph Stein - May 8th to 19th at Studio 16.


"Pay-what-you-can" preview on Wednesday May 8th - 8 pm curtain Opening Night - May 9th - 8 pm curtain
May 10th - May 11th - 8 pm curtain
May 12th - Matinee - 2 pm curtain

May 15th 2-for-1 night Wednesday - 8 pm curtain
May 16th to May 18th - 8 pm curtain
May 19th - Matinee - 2 pm curtain

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...his boss

...his parents

...his mentors


photo by colin beiers 2019

Show Sponsors:

The McGrane Pearson Endowment Fund

*R. David Stephens and Jacques Lalonde appear with permission of the Canadian Actors Equity Association

Enter Laughing is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Production Photos:

"I'm going to be an actor Mr. Foreman!"
Jacques Lalonde and Adam Olgui in Enter Laughing by Joseph Stein (2019)

"It's good to find one human being in this ridiculous place" -
R. David Stephens, Lisa Robertson, and Adam Olgui in Enter Laughing by Joseph Stein (2019)

"What happened David? You're not going to act in a play tonight?"
Elliot Wesley, Adam Olgui, Noella Ansaldi in Enter Laughing by Joseph Stein (2019)

"Emma please. You'll wake up the whole neighbourhood... you'll see, he's alright."
Stanley Fraser, Janis Harper, and Adam Olgui in Enter Laughing by Joseph Stein (2019)

"You mean if I lend this kid my suit, you'd marry me?"
Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Adam Olgui, and Jennie McCahill in Enter Laughing by Joseph Stein (2019)

photos by Colin Beiers (2019)

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