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Thank you to everyone who came out to support our latest mainstage show which ran from June 22 to July 3, 2011 at The Cultch- Yippies In Love by Bob Sarti

Archive Yippie! Button Courtesy of David Spanner - Thank You David
Yippie Archive Button - Over 40 years old... Courtesy of David Spanner - Thanks David!


About Yippies In Love by Bob Sarti

Yippies In Love - part of Bob Sarti's "Untold Stories Of Vancouver" series - breathes new life into an often glossed portion of Vancouver's history during the tumultuous days of the late '60s early '70s as seen from the perspective of Vancouver based Yippie activists and their various conflicts with different kinds of authority.

"Question Authority " as the Yippies slogan goes...

This production featured an original script by Bob Sarti and an original musical score from Bill Sample. Featuring a diverse selection of characters from a variety of different perspectives, the piece focused on the story of characters Julie and Andy (portrayed Danielle St. Pierre and Steve Maddock and respectively) as Julie sparks Andy's transition from 'surfer dude' to socially conscious and a politically motivated young man.

Yippies In Love follows an arc through many memorable events in Vancouver such as the 1970 counter-cultural invasion of Blaine, the Gas Town riot of August 1971, and the opening of All Seasons Park to a series of memorable and original songs.

Presented by Theatre In the Raw Society - the grassroots professional company behind the success of the sold-out "Bruce - The Musical" from the 2008 "Heart of the City Festival."

Great live action from the company that has been "Exposing voices seldom heard", since 1994.

A few Photos from the Show...
Photos by Evan Digby © 2011

The cast of Yippies In Love
The cast of Yippies In Love (top left to right: Emily Rowed, Rebecca Shoichet, and Bing Jensen, bottom left to right: Steve Maddock and Danielle St. Pierre)

Emily Rowed, Steve Maddock, and Rebecca Shoichet in Yippies In Love
Emily Rowed, Steve Maddock, and Rebecca Shoichet in the song "Tunnel Visionary"

Rebecca Shoichet, Steve Maddock, Danielle St. Pierre, Bing Jensen, and Emily Rowed as Yippies levtitating the "Cop Shop"
Rebecca Shoichet, Steve Maddock, Danielle St. Pierre, Bing Jensen, and Emily Rowed as Yippies levitating the "Cop Shop"
The Dancin' Doobies
Rebecca Shoichet, Bing Jensen, and Emily Rowed as Dancin' Doobies
Yippies Question Authority
The Yippies Question Authority
Danielle St. Pierre and Steve Maddock sing "Tunnel Vissionary"
Danielle St. Pierre and Steve Maddock prepare to sing "Tunnel Vissionary"

Emily Rowed, Bing Jensen, and Rebecca Shoichet in "Welcome to the Show"

Danielle St. Pierre sings "It's So Hard"

The chorus of Yippies In Love flies their Yippie flag


Yippies In Love discussed in the Globe and Mail article "Yippies In Love: Exploring the Vancouver Riot - of 40 Years Ago>>


Below, are our 3 Yippie archive-videos on youtube - enjoy!

-Thank you to the CBC for the archive video footage
- Video montage & background music by carolweavercreative.com
- direction by Bob Sarti)

Video One: The Yippies Blaine Invasion, 1970...

Video Two: The Vancouver Gastown Police Riot, 1971...

Video Three: All Seasons Park, Vancouver, 1971...


To accompany the Yippies In Love Production Bob Sarti's wrote his first and only "Twittoir" named "The Annals of Andy" - the story of a surfer boy who meets the Vancouver Yippies - all in only 140 characters per chapter on twitter at...

- www.twitter.com/yippiesinlove
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- www.facebook.com/yippiesinlove
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- www.youtube.com/yippiesinlove

• and lastly, for more colourful Vancouver Yippie history, google...
- "Vancouver Yippie!"

Yippies In Love by Bob Sarti and Bill Sample

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- Above drawings by Atty Gell © 2009 • All rights reserved -

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