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BC Arts Council
Assembly of BC Arts Councils
BC Gaming Commission
Canada Council for The Arts
City of Vancouver Cultural Arts
Koerner Foundation
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Click Jay's Mug to Buy Theatre In the Raw a Virtual Coffee... Jay Hamburger's, artistic director, Teaching Schedule

Actor's Drop-In
ADI is a cold-read scenes drop-in in Vancouver. We are celebrating our 6th year in the studio at Cineworks and are now welcoming performers with a range of experience. Drop in to act out a scene and/or bring in a scene and watch or direct it. Monologues are welcome as well. Performers often hook up with independent filmmakers present. More info on where and when on Adam Abrams website - click link above...

Cardel Accounting Ltd.
Cardel Accounting started in 1985. Carol O'Dell's interest has always been in helping companies grow into a successful and prosperous venture. "It gives me great satisfaction to see my clients realize their dreams. Cardel Accounting Ltd. continues with this focus. We work to meet all your business and personal accounting needs in a professional manner but with a personal touch". At Cardel Accounting saving you money is their purpose and commitment.

Carnegie Community Centre
- The Downtown Eastside "Living Room" at Main & Hastings - Bruce Eriksen (DERA) was very instrumental in saving Carnegie from the wrecking ball where it eventually became the DTES Community Centre. Jay, our artistic director taught all aspects of theatre at Carnegie Centre for seven years - and has been instrumental in teaching acting and playwriting to many new and upcoming actors in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

carol weaver creative
- thoughtful visual communication... the soul who designed and maintains our website and other graphical and promotional stuff - she can help you get a website up and running that works! - a site that is just right for you for either business and/or personal or a logo identity or...
or... carol is also an accomplished drummer, singer-songwriter/musician and energy healer too.

CCEC Credit Union
- The little credit union (on "the Drive") that "does"...Community Economic Development (CED) is their "bottom line"... We were very proud to be awarded their "Roger Inman Memorial Award for Community Economic Development (CED) in 2004.

Cedar Cottage Community Garden
- A wonderful place where we sometimes present outdoor theatre... Our Neighbourhood Community Garden promotes food security and provide space for growing in a city where green space is at a premium. This is a place where people welcome each other, look out for each other's plots, and learn from each other about garden techniques and skills. At Cedar Cottage Community Garden, we grow not only plants but also connections within our community. We are located behind the big "A" sign at Hull Street and Victoria Drive (close to 20th Avenue) in Vancouver, B.C.

Columbia Journal Newspaper
- The Journal is a positive progressive alternative to the conservative corporate press in B.C. Dedicated to inform, entertain and advocate for the people of BC, it is an independent publication, promising free and open debate on all issues including political, a voice for people throughout BC.

Edith Iglauer Daly
- Edith is a true BCer living on the Sunshine Coast and an Award winning author who penned the book "Fishing With John" along with four other must-reads. Edith periodically has pieces published in Geist Magazine - so look out for her!

Free Geek - Community Computer Technology Centre
- Ever wonder where to bury that old computer and any other related stuff? Free Geek offers ethical recycling of old gear, is also a computer thrift shop, plus volunteering & education, free & open source software and general very cool place on the Eastside of Vancouver!

Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance
- The Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, incorporated in 1983, is an association of more than 100 theatre companies and individual members who, through their collective efforts, promote live theatre and foster a thriving environment for the continued growth and development of theatre through the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Headlines Theatre
- Founded in 1981, Vancouver's Headlines Theatre, directed by David Diamond, uses Theatre for Living, which has evolved from Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed to help living communities tell their stories. Be on the lookout for their Power Plays and Forum Theatre events.

Jeni's Picks

- Jeni's picks for arts and cultural events around Vancouver including music, theatre, film, dance, art, food, wine and anything else she thinks her readers may enjoy.

Justin's Theatre Links
Justin’s Theatre Links is a directory of about 5,000 annotated listings of theatre-related websites from all over the globe - based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Restore Arts Funding NOW!  Help Support the ARTS... Thank you! Little Mountain Gallery
The wonderful venue off Main street where we held sold-out shows with our 2009 Festival of Mythical Plays & Winning One Acts... and it has quite the history...

Little Mountain Gallery was established April 7th, 2006. Built in 1930, 195 east 26th Avenue was home to Curly’s Garage. In the decades to follow it has been a sheet metal shop, a plumbing and heating outlet, a soda pop bottle depot, and lastly, South Seas Meats Ltd. Over the past nine years however it has been home to the Arts. Located just west off of Main Street, Little Mountain Gallery strives to survive in a city that has seen too many Art spaces disappear. LMG has pushed forward to improve upon what had already been established by the Butchershop Collective (2001-2006). LMG is dedicated to its neighborhood, and to keeping the dream alive.

People's Coop Bookstore - Since 1945! ...People's is one of our most favourite bookstores - They're at 1391 Commercial Drive (on the Drive) in Vancouver... They are one of the last small bookstores still operating in Vancouver - Please support them as they'll be supporting us by being our ticket outlet for our upcoming production of Vatzlav - They also now offer online sales through their website.

- An online resource for advocates, people on welfare, and community groups and individuals involved in anti-poverty work. Find up-to-date information about resources in British Columbia and Canada.

- Richard Hamburger is Jay's brother currently living with his family in New York City, New York. Richard has directed all forms of theatre both in the US and in Europe. A wonderful original and unique director and theatre artist. His shows are memorable.

Urban Empire on Commercial Drive
- The best "kitch" ever on the Drive (in all of Vancouver!) and great folk too... also community ticket outlet to local Vancouver shows and events. Thanks Patrica you rock! and you got great postcards too... and other stuff we won't mention - you'll have to see for yourself - especially if you're looking for that unique gift.

Vancouver Actor's Guide
- The Vancouver Actor's Guide (VAG) has been around since 1998, when there were very few easily accessible resources for people curious about the local entertainment industry... People wanted to know how to get started, what to watch out for, and to get connected with other performers for support, advice and ideas - Great site for Audition notices too!

Vancouver Co-operative Radio 100.5 FM
- Known as Vancouver's Co-op Radio - is a non-commercial, co-operatively owned, listener-supported, community radio station for over 30 years. Located in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Co-op Radio is a voice for the voiceless that strives to a provide space for under-represented and marginalized communities. Co-op Radio aims to increase community participation by encouraging examination of the social and political concerns of the geographic and cultural communities of BC.

- Jay, our artistic director, has been co-hosting with the Arts Rational Show collective once a month on Thursday nights at 9 pm for many years - Try to catch it!

Vancouver District Labour Council
- The Vancouver & District Labour Council (VDLC) is the local organization of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) at the city level. The CLC represents 1.5 million unionized workers across Canada.

Vancouver Fringe Festival
- The Vancouver Fringe Fest is one of North America’s international Fringe Fest. Every year the Fringe delivers an eclectic mix of theatrical offerings consisting of over 500 performances by more than 65 different groups over 11 days on Granville Island. We've been a part of them in 2007, including the Seattle Fringe in 1998.

Vancouver Moving Theatre
- Based in the Downtown Eastside since its founding in 1983, award winning Vancouver Moving Theatre (VMT) has presented many performances, workshops and lectures to audience members in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We've been a part of the Heart of the City Festival five times over the last number of years with many projects.

If you catch a link that's not working, please let us know, thanks!

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Restore Arts Funding NOW!  Help Support the ARTS... Thank you!

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"Giving Exposure to Voices Seldom Heard" since 1994!

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